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Virtual space is a vast space where many users are active. So why should you lose this big market for your business?! Your site is actually your office or shop in virtual space that can attract customers from all over the world. Do you think that not having any place to offer your services in a large and international market is the right thing?! By designing a suitable site to introduce the services you offer or the products you sell, you can multiply your profits.

The website design process in Batis takes between 20 and 40 days. Of course, this time depends on the type of site and the type of features that should be placed on the site. Simple and small sites can be designed in Batis in as little as 15 days. You can contact our consultants to get more information about website design.

The cost of designing different types of sites depends on the type of site, the services that the site provides to its users, and the capabilities that the site provides to users. The price of Batis website design is divided into three levels: gold, silver and bronze.

Batis considers certain criteria for designing store websites. The type and purpose of the business, competitors, persona or type of target audience, actual customers and many other factors are involved in the design of the store website. By identifying all these prerequisites and preparing a strategy for site design, various store sites are designed in Batis.

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